Our Project

This is an on-going project with the goal of capturing all published interactions observed between bats and plants and bats and arthropods to facilitate additional studies on the subject.

How to get involved

Our database is open sourced and continually updated by collaborators, so we invite your collaboration and active engagement with this project. We are starting our beta testing phase where enthusiastic collaborators and experts can contribute to our ongoing development and expansion.

Become a member

Sign up to get more information or to become a beta tester here. Just provide your email, select a username and password, and tell us about your interest in

If you'd like to help beta-test the site as it develops or help with refining and extending the data, be sure to mention that as well.

Seeking Contributions

We are collecting titles and pdfs of articles that should be added to the database. Click here to see a list of the publications currently being added. As a registered user, you can submit new publications to the project.