Coming Soon


We have launched the beta-testing phase of our project and look forward to feedback from users to help us make the user interface and database as friendly and flexible as possible.

Register for free and login into your account when using the database to access full benefits and leave feedback with your suggestions for what to add to our list of new features and refinements.

Future Developments

Numerous new features of our database are being actively developed. 

  • Adding the mapping functionality to the location data entry forms.
  • Various improvements and optimizations to the data entry process.
  • Additional ways to see and download exactly the data you want in the search results grid.
    • You will be able to show and hide columns, filter data by publication date ranges, and more.
    • Logged in users will also be able to save and name searches for later reuse or modification.
  • A quarantine system to allow a broader range of registered users to add new published data to the database. 
    • We realized that an undertaking of this size would take years to do alone and are working on ways for volunteers and citizen scientists to help us get more of the existing published data added to the database.

Publications currently being added to the database:


If you have suggestions for additional publications or articles, please send the relevant information and a pdf of it to